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Text Box: PRISM for Windows

This is a software product developed for Process Servers, Private Investigators, Repossession Agents & Debt collectors.  It allows the tracking of a range of jobs such as general investigations, process service, debt collection, repossessions, etc.  Other features include invoice and statement production, worksheets and job ticklers.  Debt collectors can make use of the fully integrated Trust Account system to track all debts, fees and payments by debtor.

PRISM is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and allows the creation of documents that can be merged with real-time database information.

PRISM is our latest development, fully Windows 32 bit compatible and runs under Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 as well as the older Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT products.

It is available for downloading and will automatically run in "demonstration" mode until registered.  This only limitation is the program is that “demonstration” mode will only allow you to enter 5 clients and 50 jobs.

Registration requires a serial number be issued, please contact us by email or phone to inquire further.

Created: Tuesday, June 16, 2009, Size: 3,280kb



New Features in PRISM 6.13

· HTML Foundation.  New code has been added to provide future support for the generation of HTML web pages.

· “Cosmetic” changes.  A number of minor screen changes have been made to tidy up the user interface.

Fixes in 6.12

· Minor cosmetic changes

· Copyright text changed to 2009

· Fixed phantom invoices showing on the subject update screen.

· Added code to the Import procedure to ensure that valid data was not overwritten inadvertently with an empty file.  It now asks in cases of conflict.